70s Webdesign backgrounds And Patterns

Smarten up your Webdesign with backgrounds and Patterns
For designing websites in a Seventies Retro Style, patterns, backgrounds and icons can be a real good start. Use them as backgrounds or in artwork to make it all look a bit nicer

The Psychedelic Site | Do you need nice psychedelic sixties and seventies backgrounds? This is the place to be! A very large collection of downloadable stuff. Most of it is meant to make your windows look nicer, but it can of course also be used for your website. Also a nice collection of fonts.

Squidfingers | A super professional webpage from an artists that offers his background-patterns for free to webpage or blog designers. I must say that I really liked many of the. Also check out the other artwork on this site. The polaroids are really cool! Ow, and the patters are really Sixties / Seventies, so perfect for your design project.

Eternatease | A very nice collection of backgrounds for webdesign in 70's and 60's style. These are tiles, which are made to fit together on all sides, so they can be used without problems for your site design. The site itself doesn't look stunning, but the content is worth a visit

Reprodepotfabrics | This site is actually about real world fabrics for making clothes from. But the patterns can give you a lot of inspiration for designing stuff of your own, such as backgrounds and patterns.









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