70s Webdesign Color Schemes

Color schemes take you back to the Seventies

The use of colors is one of the most important aspects of making a website look Seventies, Sixties or Retro. For your webdesign, you should choose collors that fir together and give you the feel you are looking for. Use these links to find the right color pallet.

Before visiting the links here, you might be interested in konowing which colors I used for the webdesign of 70sDesign.
Well, there we go: The background is #FDD63D. The text color is #E17100, and the link color is #875429. As you can see, this is quite a small color paller or color scheme. The colors do, however, fit together quite nicely, which is the most important factor.


Seventies Colors by Colorschemer | The first link with a collection of two color schemes with that nice Seventies touch to it. Especially the Retro Pastel color scheme offers the right colors for a nice groovy webdesign. This website also offer a tool that suggests color that fit with a color you choose.









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