70s Website Design

Example Sites in Seventies Webdesign
In this section you can find links to websites that were made in a Seventie Webdesign. Use them as a source of inspiration, or just to see the possibilities.


Best looking Seventies Website ever | I am not impressed easily, but this website is really good! It is wrtitten in Portugese I think, and it is not really clear to me what the purpose of the page is, but man, is this a good webdesign! The site makes extensive use of flash, and hace silluetes of dancing people on some of the pages. Furthermore, each page has a different color scheme, which makes it look really groovy.

Rotodesign Portfolio | This website is made by a webdesign company, and they're doing a good job. They have nice artwork an good colors, all giving this website that nice Retro look. This site also offers some nice fonts.


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