70s Website Design

Be Inspired by Pictures from the Seventies
This section collects sites with photo's and pictures, for inspiration or use on your seventies website creation.

Seventies Design | a cool website with an astonishing collection of pictures from the seventees and sixtees, ranging from cars to houses to artwork in this retro design style. Unfortunatelly, the author does not own the rights to the pictures, so if you want to use them commercially, you will have to find out the real owner. Good for getting in the Sventies mood. Also check out the Example Sites for more sources of inspiration!

Classic Modern | This is the webpage of a shop specialized in furniture and other designer articles from the 50's, 60's and 70's. May be good for some ideas, and color combinations. Or to buy that beautifull orange lamp for on your desk of course :-) !









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